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Michael Sicinski: Top 12 Films of 2014

28 February 2015

Michael Sicinski: Top 12 Films of 2014 (limited to “poll-eligible” films)

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  1. Two Days, One NightJean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
  2. The Strange Little CatRamon Zürcher
  3. Stranger by the LakeAlain Guiraudie
  4. Closed CurtainKambuzia Partovi and Jafar Panahi
  5. ActressRobert Greene
  6. The Story of My DeathAlbert Serra
  7. SnowpiercerBong Joon-ho
  8. Charlie Victor RomeoKarlyn Michelson, Patrick Daniels, Robert Berger
  9. Only Lovers Left AliveJim Jarmusch
  10. What Now? Remind MeJoaquim Pinto
  11. Stray DogsTsai Ming-liang
  12. Vic + Flo Saw a BearDenis Côté