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Michael Sicinski: The 30 Best Avant-Garde Feature Films of the Decade

21 December 2019

Michael Sicinski: The 30 Best Avant-Garde Feature Films of the Decade, as published by Mubi, "the selection of which presents a challenge of access, sensibility, and privilege"

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  1. The Extravagant ShadowsDavid Gatten
  2. The Grand BizarreJodie Mack
  3. The Giverny Document (Single Channel)Ja’Tovia Gary
  4. PROTOTYPEBlake Williams
  5. Differently, MolussiaNicolas Rey
  6. Streetscapes [Dialogue]Heinz Emigholz
  7. Sixty SixLewis Klahr
  8. Park LanesKevin Jerome Everson
  9. American ColourJoshua Bonnetta
  10. Episode of the SeaVan Brummelen & De Haan and the inhabitants of Urk, Netherlands
  11. Field NiggasKhalik Allah
  12. The RealistScott Stark
  13. Watching the DetectivesChris Kennedy
  14. Terror NulliusSoda_Jerk
  15. American FallsPhil Solomon
  16. DaredevilsStephanie Barber
  17. The Lanthanide SeriesErin Espelie
  18. The Illinois ParablesDeborah Stratman
  19. Tondal's VisionStephen Broomer
  20. Seeking the Monkey KingKen Jacobs
  21. Easy RiderJames Benning
  22. Science Without SubstanceDaniel Barnett
  23. Two Years at SeaBen Rivers
  24. InventionMark Lewis
  25. Three LandscapesPeter Hutton
  26. 88:88Isiah Medina
  27. The Royal RoadJenni Olson
  28. Circle in the SandMichael Robinson
  29. OuroborosBasma Alsharif
  30. Where the Chocolate MountainsPat O'Neill