Year-End Lists

Notable, browsable lists of the year's best music, movies, books, and TV shows. Year-end lists are fingerprints; aggregate statistics are smudges. Therefore, we make no tallies. Follow the link for each list to see essential commentary from its authors, at the source.

Andrew Barker: The Best Albums of 2019

08 December 2019

Andrew Barker: The Best Albums of 2019, as published by Variety

  1. Tyler, The CreatorIGOR
  2. Lana Del ReyNorman Fucking Rockwell!
  3. Freddie Gibbs & MadlibBandana
  4. Vampire WeekendFather of the Bride
  5. Jamael DeanBlack Space Tapes
  6. Miranda LambertWildcard
  7. Jamila WoodsLEGACY! LEGACY!
  8. Creedence Clearwater RevivalLive at Woodstock
  9. Lightning BoltSonic Citadel
  10. Carly Rae JepsenDedicated