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Kristen Yoonsoo Kim: Favorite Films of 2019

17 December 2019

Kristen Yoonsoo Kim: Favorite Films of 2019, as posted to Twitter, limited to films with U.S. distribution

  1. Asako I & IIRyûsuke Hamaguchi
  2. Hotel by the RiverHong Sang-soo
  3. DiamantinoGabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt
  4. Our TimeCarlos Reygadas
  5. Ash is Purest WhiteJia Zhang-ke
  6. La FlorMariano Llinás
  7. Richard JewellClint Eastwood
  8. GrassHong Sang-soo
  9. High LifeClaire Denis
  10. Long Day's Journey Into NightBi Gan