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Dennis Cooper: 16 Favorite Films of 2012

09 January 2013

Dennis Cooper: 16 Favorite Films of 2012 (as numbered on Cooper’s site, but note that he precedes the list with “in no order”)

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  1. Moonrise KingdomWes Anderson
  2. Holy MotorsLeos Carax
  3. The Cabin in the WoodsDrew Goddard
  4. Oslo, August 31stJoachim Trier
  5. AmourMichael Haneke
  6. Take ShelterJeff Nichols
  7. The Second Cabin: Stemple PassJames Benning
  8. All Divided SelvesLuke Fowler
  9. Free RadicalsPip Chodorov
  10. Middle of NowhereMichael Salerno and Marcus Whale
  11. Shitty YouthAdam Humphrey
  12. My Best ThingFrances Stark
  13. Stand in the StreamStanya Kahn
  14. The WildingGrant Scicluna
  15. This is Not a FilmJafar Panahi & Mojtaba Mirtahmasb
  16. ParaNormanChris Butler & Sam Fell