Year-End Lists

Notable, browsable lists of the year's best music, movies, books, and TV shows. Year-end lists are fingerprints; aggregate statistics are smudges. Therefore, we make no tallies. Follow the link for each list to see essential commentary from its authors, at the source.

Stephen Holden: Top 10 Movies of 2011

15 December 2011

Stephen Holden: Top 10 Movies of 2011, as published by The New York Times

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  1. The DescendantsAlexander Payne
  2. Of Gods and MenXavier Beauvois
  3. The Tree of LifeTerrence Malick
  4. Margin CallJ.C. Chandor
  5. MelancholiaLars von Trier
  6. We Were HereDavid Weissman
  7. IncendiesDenis Villeneuve
  8. A Dangerous MethodDavid Cronenberg
  9. Certified CopyAbbas Kiarostami
  10. MoneyballBennett Miller