Year-End Lists

Notable, browsable lists of the year's best music, movies, books, and TV shows. Year-end lists are fingerprints; aggregate statistics are smudges. Therefore, we make no tallies. Follow the link for each list to see essential commentary from its authors, at the source.

Noel Murray: Best Films of 2011

16 December 2011

Noel Murray: Best Films of 2011 [also a participant in The A.V. Club’s round-up]

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  1. Martha Marcy May MarleneSean Durkin
  2. HugoMartin Scorsese
  3. A SeparationAsghar Farhadi
  4. The FutureMiranda July
  5. WeekendAndrew Haigh
  6. TabloidErrol Morris
  7. Certified CopyAbbas Kiarostami
  8. TerriAzazel Jacobs
  9. The Tree of LifeTerrence Malick
  10. RangoGore Verbinski
  11. Tuesday, After ChristmasRadu Muntean
  12. The ArborClio Barnard
  13. Winnie the PoohStephen J. Anderson and Don Hall
  14. Project NimJames Marsh
  15. Super 8JJ Abrams