Year-End Lists

Notable, browsable lists of the year's best music, movies, books, and TV shows. Year-end lists are fingerprints; aggregate statistics are smudges. Therefore, we make no tallies. Follow the link for each list to see essential commentary from its authors, at the source.

Dan Sallitt: Favorite 18 Films of 2012

19 January 2013

Dan Sallitt: Favorite 18 Films of 2012 (limited to films that played at least one week in Manhattan for the first time in 2012)

[see also 2010s, 2019, 2018, 2017]

  1. The Day He ArrivesHong Sang-soo
  2. MichaelMarkus Schleinzer
  3. The Kid with a BikeJean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
  4. Alms for a Blind HorseGurvinder Singh
  5. AmourMichael Haneke
  6. This Must Be the PlacePaolo Sorrentino
  7. Generation PVictor Ginzburg
  8. The Loneliest PlanetJulia Loktev
  9. AttenbergAthina Rachel Tsangari
  10. TabuMiguel Gomes
  11. Neighboring SoundsKleber Mendonça Filho
  12. The Deep Blue SeaTerence Davies